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Sticky Icky-Enzyme Blend


For any plant to reach its terpene profile potential, specific action by soil microbes is essential. These microscopic “machines” perform key chemical reactions that lead to robust oil production, and hence the “sticky-icky” resin-producing plants growers desire.

Soil microbes create this oily, sticky “mess” by exuding enzymes as catalysts for essential chemical reactions, including triggering your plants to produce the hormones that turn on oil production.

Sticky Icky supplements your soil’s naturally produced enzymes, to give you a shortcut and a boost to radical oil and resin production.—including enzymes that “stress” your plants, sending them into oil-producing hyperdrive. This doesn’t hurt the plant...or your pocketbook, for that matter!

This one-of-a-kind Dakine super-product is like putting nitro in the engine of a muscle car, upping the horsepower of your plants’ oil production.

Get the enzymes down at planting times—2-3 times during the growing season so it’s always available to the plants. It only takes about three pounds of Sticky Icky per acre over the entire growing season to see results, which can be applied gradually via fertigation, or all at once for dryland farming.

Want the oil with less toil? Want resins from the heavens? Get Sticky Icky enzymes!