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Water Soluble Powder Cannabis Nutrients Superior to Liquids

Why Water Soluble Powdered Cannabis Nutrients Are Superior to Liquids

Do you really want to pay for water?

Most concentrated liquid blends are 60% water and most single-ingredient liquids can be over 90% water. Why would you want to use a watered-down product and pay shipping on a watered down product? (It’s a fact that all liquid blends come from powders anyway!) Consider these advantages of soluble powdered cannabis nutrients over liquids:

  • Powders have a longer shelf life than liquids.
  • Powders are more cost-effective.
  • Powders can be 10 times more powerful than liquids.
  • Powders are easier on the environment, requiring less fossil fuel for shipping than heavy liquids.
  • You won’t have to lift heavy bottles or pour multiple gallons into your system.
  • Water-soluble powders are a lot cleaner. No sediment in your reservoir. No clogged feed lines like liquids.
  • Shipping liquids in extreme hot and cold can damage fertilizers.
  • You save valuable shelf space in the grow room and the retail shop.

Dakine 420 soluble, concentrated, powdered cannabis nutrients are an in-house blend of the exact nutrient ratios your cannabis plant needs at various stages. Our formulas contain only the best highly-soluble, globally-sourced, low-salt ingredients and no fillers or stabilizers. Our proprietary clean and green technologies give you the highest-quality, dialed-in cannabis plant growth products.